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Revised Bibliography. Update of this comprehensive listing of Lois' published work, in English. See also the extensive translated works. Includes a link to a Vorkosigan timeline and Lois' reading order. Also eBooks from Amazon UK and US, iTunes and Nook. Audio books from Blackstone and Audible. Lois's own US Bibliography is also available. [24 Jun 12]

Lois's Convention Attendance. Update of the details of the conventions and other events that Lois will be attending in 2012! [24 Jun 12]

Lois's Historical Convention Attendance. A listing of the conventions and other events that Lois has attended (from 1986 when she turned pro to now). If you have details of earlier events, please let me know. [24 Jun 12]

eBooks and Other Excerpts Links to all fiction published on the Internet and available for free. Includes the unpublished Prologue to Diplomatic Immunity. Includes links to the Baen Free Library, Baen Ebooks, Harper Collins (EOS) and Blackstone Audio Books. [24 Jun 12]

Books in Print. Kindle, Nook and iBook ebook editions, self published by Lois. All current books from Baen eBook . Links to Amazon and Blackstone AudioBooks (also available via [24 Jun 12]

The Chef Recommends. Lois provides background and a suggested reading order. [4 Jun 12]

Lois's New Book details. Information about a new Vorkosigan story, finished, for Baen. [4 Jun 12]

Awards Won. Updates to a list of the awards Lois has won. Including her recent Skylark Award fron NESFA. If you know of any others... [4 Jun 12]

Copyright. Details of the copyright status of the site and recommendations of linking methods. [20 May 12]

Adaptations to Other Media. Details of versions which are not just written. Including graphic novel, audio books, games and tv adaptions. [29 Sep 10]

Interviews with Lois now on a separate page. With a single new interview. [10 May 10]

News & Chat. A section containing Lois' news and comments to the Bujold Mailing list, blog and other discussion areas. [27 Jul 09]

GURPS. Steve Jackson Games to Produce Miles Vorkosigan Game. Finally available as a PDF, Hardcover to follow. [1 Jul 09]

Revised Feedback form. Added a suggest a link section, and contact details. Added The Sharing Knife as a favourite book selection. [30 Apr 09]

A New Quotation from the Vorkosigan series. Now working again, the quotation generator is available to allow anyone to generate their own random Bujold quotation. Don't use it too much or this service will be removed. [4 Jan 09]

Stuff from Lois. A list of all the material on The Bujold Nexus (and elsewhere), which is primarily written by Lois. Latest installment is "Keynote Address for the 2008 UPC Awards". [20 Dec 08]

Dedications and other References. With details of who Lois has dedicated her books to, and those who have dedicated or quoted Lois in their own works. Now with Non-Fiction references. If you find any more please let me know. [5 Oct 08]

Book Signings. Check News & Chat section too. [3 Aug 08]

The Wide Green World. A Map of the Wide Green World, designed by Lois with assistance from Carol Collins (Pat C Wrede's sister). [15 Apr 08]

More links. Revision of links to Bujold related material, moved "suggested links" to feedback form. Links to eBooks, Maps of Barrayar and a list of the Counts. Also Wikipedia and LiveJournal entries have been added. [20 Mar 07]

Mailing List. Details of the new mailing list and some of the revised FAQs. [16 Jan 07]

How I Met the Inklings, the speech Lois gave at the Mythopoeic Conference banquet. [17 Aug 06]

Jim Baen Remembered, Lois shares some moments of the man who discovered her, as a writer. [6 Jul 06]

Translations. This bibliography gives details of all the translations that are known about. The only language which is known to have some translated works but the details of which are unknown is Greek, though information on the Chinese editions is minimal. Includes cyrillic graphics of the Russian titles. Please send any additional info to me for inclusion. [0 Jun 06]

New reviews. The webcomic Unshelved posted a one page review of The Warriror's Apprentice on 28th May 06 and a link can now be found here. Please feel free to send in your own reviews, or links to especially good ones published elsewhere, of any of Lois' works. [4 Jun 06]

Other Media. Details of other media projects that Lois has been involved with, including audio books. [14 May 06]

News from The Reader's Chair. TRC no longer trading. At the Bujold Audio Book Archive you can still find Borders of Infinity available for free download, and excerpts from all the other books too. [19 Apr 06]

A Dictionary for The Curse of Chalion and of the people, places and things therein. Including a pronounciation guide, this was included in the eBook edition. [28 Aug 05]

Photos of Lois McMaster Bujold from now to the sixties. With commentary by Lois. The latest is an outdoors photo. [27 Aug 05]

Official Merchandise. A page bringing together details of all official merchandise, including audio books, books from Dendarii Books, T-shirts, and Butterbug Puppets. [27 Aug 05]

A Chalion Index. Giving links to all the Chalion related material on this site, and a couple of important off site links too (cover art and sketches of Hallowed Hunt etc). [16 May 05]

Preface to Chinese Editions. This English text will be included, translated into Chinese, in the new Vorkosigan editions published by Science Fiction World, in Chengdu, Sichuan. [19 Dec 04]

The book cover collection has had new material added. The archive on The Bujold Overflow Site now contains cover art from, America, Britain, Croatia, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, and Spain. Other cover art would be gleefully added. Any errors in attribution please contact me by email. [7 Nov 04]

Biolog. Lois has just updated this autobiographical information, (with a new photo from Beth Gwinn, and used with permission). A shorter version is also available. [25 Sep 04]

A Tribute. To Lois's Dad, Robert Charles McMaster. Included in the NESFA hardcover of Falling Free [25 Sep 04]

Inspired by Lois to produce fanfic, filk, and artwork. New address for the overflow site. Revised Cover Art section with new covers and new countries available. [16 Sep 04]

Other Stuff Index. Update and revision of pages found here. [2 Aug 03]

The Ibran Peninsula. An exclusive Map of Chalion and the surrounding lands, designed by Lois with assistance from Carol Collins (Pat C Wrede's sister). With an additional map showing, in close up, Ista's pilgrimage route, in Paladin of Souls. [12 May 03]

Cover Artists. A major revision of the listing of professional illustrators of Lois' work. [16 Feb 02]

Reader's Testimonials. Selected comments on this website, new comments have been added. [4 Jul 01]

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