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This page attemps to collect most of the online interviews that Lois has done. They may be found here on the Nexus or elsewhere on the web, or both.

A New Interview from OWW Newsletter , published in the May 2010 edition of the Online Writing Workshop, May 2010

An Interview by ShadowDance, originally published in Bulgarian, March 2010

Interview by Jo Walton, originally published by Tor, April 2009

Interview by Dmitry, for the Russian F&SF magazine Mir Fantastiki, in February 2009

Interview by Simeon Tsanev, for the Bulgarian SFF on-line magazine ShadowDance in February 2009

Interview by Michael Lohr, much delayed, finally published by The Internet Review of Science Fiction in June 2008, 20 December 2008

SF World, China questions, an interview for Lois' Chinese publisher, 19 October 2008

Another interview, on, from the plethora Lois did this past summer and fall, 8 November 2007

A long internet interview Lois did earlier this summer (just before the book tour) with Karen Miller is now availible on Live Journal, 4 August 2007

At SciFi Dimensions Lois discusses her latest novel, The Sharing Knife: Beguilement, which introduces a new fantasy universe, and is Part One of a planned duology. A review of the book can also be found here, 3 October 2006

Sci Fi Wire Interview John Joseph Adams askes about awards, The Hallowed Hunt and The Sharing Knife, 16 June 2006

An Italian interview by Giampietro Stocco, 15 May 2006

It's All in the Footnotes an excerpt from an interview in Locus Magazine, July 2005

At BookSlut Lois discusses gender roles and awards, 16 June 2005

Tom Schaad of FastForward TV provides a QuickTime video interview, with an audio MP3 download for those without this facility, 22 May 2005

The Casual Observer of discusses The Hallowed Hunt and Lois' writing process generally, 21 May 2005

SFRevu and Sharon Archer has a Worldcon conversation, 5 September 2004

A TV Bookshelf video interview recorded prior to the Worldcon, 22 June 2004

Mike Hodel's Hour 25, Radio broadcast of a studio interview, recorded just after publication of Paladin of Souls, four MP3 files, 17 May 2004

Mike Houlahan of the New Zealand Press Association talks to Lois McMaster Bujold, 5 April 2003 has an interview with Lois by Cristopher DeRose, 18 November 2002

Mike Hodel's Hour 25 Radio broadcast of a studio interview, with Warren James, recorded just after publication of Diplomatic Immunity, four MP3 files, 20 July 2002

Conversation with members of Writers' Village University at T-Zero Xpandizine: The Writers' Ezine, December 2001

Interview at Portada (in Spanish) English version, by Lali Rico, November 2001

FictionFactor, interview by Tina Morgan, 11 August 2001

WTBBL - Science Fiction Hour which explores the world of The Curse of Chalion, by Susan Profit, 4 August 2001
Audio version of WTBBL - Science Fiction Hour, 3 August 2001

Transcript of an irc online chat at, 31 July 2001

Mike Hodel's Hour 25 Radio broadcast of phone interview recorded just prior to publication of The Curse of Chalion, four MP3 files, 17 July 2001

Interview in Barnes & Noble F&SF Newsletter Explorations, by Corrina Allen, July 2001

Online chat transcript, SciFi Channel, just prior to the publication of The Curse of Chalion on 24 July 2001

Panel discussions at EosCon 4.0, hosted by the SciFi Channel, 21 April 2001:

Transcript of an online chat session at WorldCon 97, hosted by, 30 August 1997

Women Who Rock the World by Karen, edited by Chris and the Girl's World Crew, 1997

Profile entitled "The Mother of Vorkosigan", SFX magazine issue #13, June 1996

Interview by Elizabeth Counihan, (of Scheherazade Magazine) in Interzone issue 101, November 1995

Interview in Scheherazade Magazine Number 12, by Mary O'Keefe, 1995

Interview, "Talking with the REAL Lois McMaster Bujold", by Ken Rand, Science Fiction Chronicle, Oct/Nov 1995 edition

Article/interview, by Charles N Brown Locus, v35.2 No 415 August 1995

Excerpts from an interview in Lan's Lantern 30, by Bill Unger, 1994

"Twenty-Two Guys and Me: The Lois McMaster Bujold Interview" by Brendan Ryder, Helen Ryder & Robert Neilson, Albedo One #6 1994

"Biolog: Lois McMaster Bujold" Analog, by Jay Kay Klein, August 1989

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