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If you find any other web sites with Lois McMaster Bujold related content please let me know so I can add links here. The web is a large place and even with indexes I'll probably miss something. Also if you find a link to this site let me know. However given the large number of appropriate sites, only those with a large commitment to Lois are likely to be included.
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Details of all of Lois' work that can be found for free on the Internet are collected on the eBooks and Other Excerpts page.

Lois's main publisher, Baen Books Baen has a lot of Lois McMaster Bujold related material. Lois now has her own conference at Baen's Bar, called Miles to Go.

The Baen Ebooks Service now includes allthe Vorkosigan Saga including A Civil Campaign available as part of the August 2000 subscription. This was Lois's first book to appear for sale in electronic format. Other details can be found on the Books in Print page

You can order any of her books from the publishers if you wish. Alternatively you can order direct from via Dendarii Books.

NESFA Press published Dreamweaver's Dilemma to commemorate Lois being Guest of Honor at Boskone in 1996, they also published Shards of Honor in August 2000 and The Warrior's Apprentice in 2001. Ethan of Athos appeared in early 2003 and Falling Free in late 2004. Borders of Infinity appeared in 2007, Brothers in Arms in late 2008, The Vor Game in early 2010 and Barrayar in early 2012.

EOS Books, (Harper Collins) Lois's new publisher, of The Curse of Chalion, provided eight preview chapters prior to publication in August 2001, and also made e-book versions available.
With the publication of Paladin of Souls, in September 2003, they provided 6 sample chapters, prior to publication.
Additional sample chapters of The Hallowed Hunt also appeared when it was first published in May 2005.

Blackstone Audio Books have been publishing the new fantasy series, and so far have both the Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls available, and in addition have also published The Vorkosigan Saga to date.

Easton Press produce high-end leather-bound editions sold as part of a subscription series, they are not available for individual purchase. Copies of Lois's editions turn up on eBay occasionally.

The Spectrum Literary Agency, which represents Lois, also has a website.

Interviews and Other Articles

Most of the interviews have been moved to their own separate page for clarity.

Sylvia Kelso has written an article Loud Achievements: Lois McMaster Bujold's Science Fiction originally published in New York Review of Science Fiction, this revised edition is republished by kind permission of the author.

Sylvia has also written "Lois McMaster Bujold: Feminism and the Gernsback Continuum in Recent Women's SF". This essay was originally published in "The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts".

Terri Sutton has written a well balanced article / interview with Lois which was published in the Minneapolis / St. Paul paper City Pages. Points raised in Sylvia Kelso's article are also commented on.

An unexpected reference to Lois's work is in an article by Larry Wall, top-class computer guru & author of PERL.

Websites not in English

Luigi Rosa has created a set of Italian pages devoted to Lois. This includes the covers of the Italian editions.
A new Russian site has been created, as I don't read Russian I can't comment on its content but it seems very comprehensive as it includes reviews, articles, fanfic and material from The Bujold Nexus. Some of the articles have been translated into English though.
Lois answers some questions from her Russian fans, (in English, dated 17 Oct 97).
Not to be out done, the is now a French site with th cool address

Conventions and Other Events

Details on Lois's future convention attendance can be found elsewhere.

The Vorkosigan Family

John W. Braue, III has been collecting information and his Miles Vorkosigan/Naismith: His Life And Times can be found in the FanFic Archive.

A fairly comprehensive genealogy of the Vorkosigan family, can be found in the PDF Greg Carlill offers called A Vor Genealogy (PDF file).

Geography of the Nexus

Crystal Carroll has setup a map of the Nexus, presented by the Galactic Tourist Bureau.
Dalton S. Spence has created an Interactive ASCII Wormhole Nexus Map which was inspired by Crystal Caroll's Galactic Travel Bureau maps, this page was designed for those who still use text-based web browsers like LYNX. Each planet name is linked to the appropriate GTB Traveller's Guide entry.

Bo Johansson has created a complete Map of Barrayar.

Lois has provied Official Maps of the Ibran Peninsula created with the help of Carol Collins.

Mailing List and Other Group Information

Details of the main Lois-Bujold mailing list can be found at the Mailing List page.

There is a growing LMB LiveJournal Community, which apart from general discussion, has encouraged both FanFic and FanArt.
A Live Journal spin off community for FanFic etc has also been created, and this is probably the best place to look for new FanFic.

An Official Author Discussion Forum has been setup at The Internet Book Database of Fiction.

There is now a mailing list for Bujold fans in the UK and Europe. (In addition to the world wide mailing list). To subscribe go to

A list of question that the members of the Mailing List members asked Lois, compiled by Taryn Hearn. These and their answers can be found in the bujold_faq.html.

Stephanie Folse has set up two interesting web pages. The first is the infamous Casting FAQ. The other contains photos and notes taken at the WorldCon 1997 - Listies Meet the Author.

Other Sites

The Wikipedia entries for Lois McMaster Bujold provide a good over view of Lois' career and The Vorkosigan Saga entry provides a good summary of this series. Individual books also have entries though not all are complete.

There is a new search page which allows The Bujold Nexus to be searched using You can also use AltaVista with a preset search criteria of Lois McMaster Bujold which will search the web for occurrences of Lois McMaster Bujold.

The Bujold Nexus entry into the Lois McMaster Bujold WebRing can now be visited. As can the other sites in the ring.

The Open Directory Project includes, under Science Fiction, a section on Bujold, Lois McMaster. If you find particularly good sites devoted to Lois please use the systems at

Due to space constrains on the main site I have moved some of the peripheral material (fan fiction, filk and book covers) to The Bujold Nexus Overflow Site.
These can now be found as The Filk Archive, which is intended to contain every filksong (copyright permitting) which was inspired by Lois's work, or else a link to all such filk. Also the Fan Fic Archive and the Cover Art Collection can be found here. A new addition is the Fan Art Archive further details of other inspired art work can also be found here.
Photos of various fan gaterings, including her vist to Croatia in April 2002, some including Lois, can be found at the Photo Archive. This now has some "posed photos" of Lois by Beth Gwinn, David Dyer-Bennet and an early one by Ron Miller.

Bo Johansson has created a number of graphic images including Vor Arms or Logos and has produced a Vorkosigan ComConsole look for most recent web browsers.

You can get signed copies of most of Lois's book from her local bookstores:-
Dreamhaven Books & Comics, Lake Street store, (612) 823-6161. Contact via email The website is at
Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore, (612) 824-6347, can also be contacted via email, and now has a website at

Details of various merchandise is now available, including T-shirts, audio books and car stickers.

Dr. Robin Murphy has built a small (lunchbox sized), polymorphic robot that is being used as part of research into robots for Urban Search and Rescue. This robot is called Bujold and it met its namesake on 11 May 98 in Minneapolis. An update with information on how this robot helped at the WTC disaster can be found here.

Lois has requested a link to her niece, Molly McMaster's, site A Score Against Cancer. She was diagnosed with colon cancer on her twenty-third birthday (chemo worked). She then roller bladed 2000 miles to Colorado, to raise money for cancer charities. She has since been involved in the creation of The Colossal Colon.

Book Related Sites

The Locus Books, Listed by Author, gives details of books, written by Lois, and received by Locus magazine.

Other Authors

The following authors, who also have a presence on the Web, also have "dedicated" links with Lois.

Patricia C Wrede who has had two of Lois's books dedicated to her, and has in turn dedicated one to Lois. She is a friend of Lois and an excellent fantasy author.

Georgette Heyer included in the dedication of A Civil Campaign.

Lillian Stewart Carl also dedicated one of her books to Lois. This is her new website.

Catherine Asaro is editing a collection of Romance / Science Fiction stories, to be published in 2004, one of these is by Lois.

Anne McCaffrey recommends Lois, as one author worth reading, on her site.

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