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Adaptations to Other Media

This section gives details of adaptions of Lois' work to other media.

The first adaption was Bujold's first short story sale Barter. After its appearence in Twilight Zone Magazine the TV rights were sold to Tales from the Darkside and it was made into an episode, which had very little in common with the original story. The episode Season 4 Episode 19 first aired 17 July 1988. Episode summary

The second adaptation was a film rights option for The Warrior's Apprentice. A script was written, but the film was never made. This adaptation too had very little in common with the original story.

Third time might be the charm: GURPS Vorkosigan was announced in July 2000, by Steve Jackson Games. GURPS is stands for Generic Universal RolePlaying System, and the adaptation will provide a worldbook that can be used as the basis for role-playing games. As of August 2005 GURPS Vorkosigan is still listed as "in production".

In May 2006 Lois signed an agreement with an entity called MC Productions or Soliel Productions in Tolouse, France, for a French-language comic book adaptation of The Warrior's Apprentice, to be released in three volumes. This was according to released on 28 Oct 09.

The earlier Vorkosigan series books (Falling Free to Borders of Infinity) were recorded in unabridged format by The Readers Chair. Each story was narrated by Michael Hanson & Carol Cowan and was released as audio tape and MP3 CD. Unfortunately The Readers Chair is now out of business and these are now not generally available.

Blackstone Audio Books have now released all of Lois' books on CD, starting with the fantasies from Eos (apart from The Spirit Ring).

The first release was The Curse of Chalion and was read by Lloyd James and released in July 2004, this was followed by Paladin of Souls, read by Kate Reading and released in June 2005. The Hallowed Hunt, was read by Marguerite Gavin and released in March 2007.

The Sharing Knife series of books were all read by Bernadette Dunne. Beguilement was released in July 2007, Legacy was released in September 2007, Passage in April 2008 and Horizon in August 2009.

The Vorkosigan series has now all been published. All the stories have been read by Grover Gardner. The Vor Game, was released in June 2005. The Warrior's Apprentice, was released in October 2005. Cetaganda, was released in May 2006. Brothers In Arms, was released in January 2007. Memory in March 2007, Komarr in May 2007, Mirror Dance in June 2007, A Civil Campaign in September 2007, Diplomatic Immunity in January 2008, Winterfair Gifts was released in July 2008, Ethan of Athos in March 2009, Shards of Honor in May 2009, Falling Free in September 2009 Barrayar in November 2009 and Borders of Infinity in May 2010. Cryoburn is due in October 2010.

All these should also be availble via

With the publiction of the harsback edition of Cryoburn, Baen has created a multimedia CD Rom as part of the package. This incluses pictues, cover art, interviews and ebook editions of most of the Vorkosigan stories.

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