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proff neuts ( 8 May 2001
I think that you should put your navagation bars in a table along the left of the screen. this will make it more proffesional looking.
This is already available. See the graphic framed version here.
Daniel I Radakovich ( 25 Apr 2001
Great points: fast load
Good points: Easy to read, useful links & info.
No-so-hot: Grey color scheme--should be brown & silver <grin!> -say is it not amazing that on a video screen which emits light, one cannot get a silver or gold effect which merely as metals reflect light? Strange, huh? Sorry for the digression.
As you will have spotted by now <grin!> the revised Nexus IS using siver and brown (or as close as I can get.
John L. Bednarczyk ( 7 Apr 2001
A Barrayar art contest. The planet, the people, buildings, etc. Maybe we can get someone who really can do justice to her book covers.
L Lettunich ( 16 Mar 2001
Is Ms Bujold ever going to right a sequel to Spirit Ring? Please comment. Thank you.
No, but she has written another fantasy novel The Curse of Chalion which will be published in August 2001
Cindy Colwell 4 Mar 2001
I'd like to suggest the addition of a discussion forum so fans can discuss Lois's work and speculate on future stories.
There is a Mailing List which does just that see FAQ for details.
Jenny ( 27 Feb 2001
This site is fascinating; I especially enjoyed the analyses of "A Civil Campaign." Perhaps if the site were updated more often, I would stop by more than I do, but this is NOT a criticism.
I can only update when I have someting new.
Rick Ellrod ( 17 Feb 2001
Wow! Nice job. Fascinated by the two articles on Civil Campaign, and clearly a lot of useful resources here for Bujold admirers. Now, if I can just figure out why I never heard there was a book called Dreamweaver's Dilemma...
Rick Ellrod
Dreamweaver's Dilemma was published by NESFA a small SF press.
James ( 13 Jan 2001
This site is great, a must for all fans of Lois and her fantastic Vorkosigan series!
Sandra Paradise ( 3 Jan 2001
You might want to recheck spelling... I noticed *authorised* in the first sentence...
Well I'm English so I use the English spelling. However where material is written by an American I retain their spelling.
Kristen L. Hughes ( 1 Jan 2001
A great site. Thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into this quality undertaking....
SuMMoNeR ( 31 Dec 2000
i`ve heard that it will be a movie or something about Miles Vorkosigan is it right? can`t you write me a answer
The Warrior's Apprentice was optioned and a draft script written. However it had (according to those who have seen it) little to to with the books and the option has now expired.
william treese ( 21 Dec 2000
I would like to know when the next Miles book is going to be published. thank you.
Probably the single most asked question. See below for New Book details
Marc Benier ( 12 Dec 2000
Not always easy to get upto date book info - when is the next Miles epic????
Lois is currently writing the next Miles story.
James Wood ( 5 Aug 2000
Its a great site as a tribute to the greatest writer that has ever lived!
cindy champion ( 29 Jul 2000
well, it's a nice site and I told my friends (lot are Vorkosigan fans too ) this URL... Thanks a lot for your work... and I'd like to add that Komarr is just arrived here (France)
Kris ( 29 Jul 2000
I like this web site. I noticed someone requested more graphics. I'm commenting mostly to say that I *like* pages that are light on graphics. I don't like having to wait for lots of graphics to download.
Pat ( 3 Jul 2000
I'd like to see a small blurb on when her Vorkosigan novels will be coming out, what they are to be called, and what they are about.
Details of Lois's New Book can always be fround here as soon as I learn of it.
Charles Aleshire ( 29 Jun 2000
Just a general thanks for having the site, the information about one of the most impressive writers I know was exactly what I needed..
Jenny Jordan ( 21 Jun 2000
Very interesting and helpful site!
Tobias Schuhmacher ( 9 Jun 2000
It contains much things about Lois and her work. That's great. But a few more pictures and more colourful it will be better.
I an not a graphic designer so the only graphics available are those designed by others. Also lack of space limits the amount of graphic material that can be used. And finally I prefer a fast text only site!
Sorry for this bad english, I'm from Germany
That's OK my German is very much worse!
Karl-Johan Noren ( 7 Jun 2000
While this web site contains a lot of information, it's not very well organized. Having an other stuff section containing another other stuff section is just one example.
You are looking at The Bujold Nexus Mirror and Overflow site. The two are virtually separate even though found on the same server. If I didn't happen to run both sites they wouldn't be connected at all.
Consider making the links section into a list, probably hierarchical. Right now it's pretty hard to get a good picture of what things you link to.
Which links section, there are a lot on "The Dendarii Nexus" The one in "The Bujold Nexus" is fairly organised
Remove any references between to an "overflow" site - it's logically a part of the Nexus even though it's only on the British machine.
It's IS an overflow because the MAIN site is a, and they are BOTH british machines.
That might also go for things on other servers as well, like linking all critical essays (like Burbidge's essay on romance and Kelso's on feminism) from a single page. Right now you find stuff like that on several places.
The problem is lack of SPACE on the main server, this is partly why the overflow site material relocated. The reason for links from more than one place is that the item CAN be appropriatly linked from more than one location, that's what hypertext is about after all.
Part of the trouble is that, I think, you haven't decided if the Nexus should be an archive or an index, and instead you get a confusing mix of the two. Focus on indexing the web content (on- or off-site) logically, and let the archive conform to the index.
"The Bujold Nexus" was originally designed and build when there WERE no other resources about Lois McMaster Bujold. A web search would only find a dozen or so pages with any reference to Lois. As a result it was both an index and an archive. A lot has changed in the last four years, and it might be worth re-evaluating its role. However the MAIN role is still as the Official Resource for information concerning Lois, and her work. Thanks for some very interesting points.
Rachel Humphries ( 17 May 2000
Pretty darned addicted to anything Ms.Bujold chooses to put into print. She deserves every penny - her characters exhibit a high ethical standard "let's just see what happens..." plus a gritty understanding of how the parental mind works. I really want to see Miles with a toddler.. thanks for the opportunity for input.
Alexander Balabchenkov ( 8 May 2000
I guess, the site is not "heavy" enough, i.e. you should use more images on Vorkosigan's topic. I mean, make it beautifull!
I'm afraid that I have no artistic skill. All the graphics on site have been provided by others. Also I don't have enough space available for too many graphics and graphics tend to increase load time for the pages. Words are what is important.
Peggy Mitchell ( 23 Mar 2000
It is a lovely website. I just began readying the series a few weeks ago upon recommendation from another readinglist, and really laughed at the tshirt that said "I can stop anytime". I've just bought Mirror Dance and I do have a question, however, this copy is a third printing, August, 1999. Why is it copywrited to Elizabeth Moon?
I have no idea, since my copy is a first printing and it has the correct copyright author, I can't really comment.
Florence Bradley ( 22 Mar 2000
Really enjoyed your site. I have been a LMB fan since 1988 and met her several years ago at a convention called MidSouth Con hosted in Birmingham, AL. Please keep up the good work. I can hardly wait til the next Miles book. I guess it will most likely be out in 2002.
Since Lois hasn't even started writing it yet, you are probably right.
Robin Z ( 16 Mar 2000
More comments from Lois would be nice, when she's not too busy.
All Lois's stuff can be accessed directly. If she will write it, it will appear.
Elizabeth Bowden ( 12 Mar 2000
You asked me to pick just *one* favorite? They are all wonderful -- so I just picked the very first book I ever read of hers that I'd picked up at the Library. And, actually, it was Young Miles, but the first story in that book will *always* be my favorite -- I've read it about 6 times since then and just got the audio tapes. But I just finished Shards of Honor on tape and am in the middle of Barrayar so it'll be about another month before I get to it.
Meanwhile, listening to the tapes has in no way interferred or reduced my need to read her books over and over again. :-)
Jennifer Keirans ( 7 Mar 2000
I'd love it if there was some sort of Barrayar history/customs/uniforms/family trees/maps kind of place. I realize that this would be a lot of work and would probably have to come from Lois herself ... but wouldn't it be neat?
Some of these can be found on the links page. A concordance is currently being worked on and details can also be found on the links page.
Jamie Duckworth ( 29 Feb 2000
Please update the FAQ section of this web site. I am currently reading Komarr (listed as not printed yet) and fin references to 'A Civil Campaign' elsewhere in this site. i didn't realise the life span of the main chacter was so well covered. I stumbled across Miles in a small back country book shop in New Zealand about 6 years ago and have struggled ever since to find the other books listed in his time line. Thanks for the opertunity to say something.
The Mailing list FAQs are indeed out of date, however the full bibliography is totally up to date. You could try ordering from one of the may online bookstores ( etc).
Bob Cusolito ( 17 Feb 2000
I like the site - keep up the good work!
Wolfgang Mertz ( 26 Nov 1999
The first site of one of my favourite writers that I found. Keep up the good work.
Nicolette Lewer ( 14 Nov 1999
I think this site is great :-). I like the essays and the recent GoH speech. Needless to say I think Lois is a great author.
Claire Andress ( 5 Nov 1999
I think it's marvelous, especially the link to Ma Kosti's cookbook. The only minor issue I have is one of speed, which could as easily be attributed to my browser.
Try the mirror site for faster speed.
Steve Headstream ( 25 Oct 1999
Useful biblio section, as well as a lot of new links (to me, anyway). Thanks!
MEGale ( 23 Oct 1999
I found the site last spring but have been reserving comment until I had something more substantive to say than "useful." (which it definitely is. As a longer-term reader who doesn't want to check the whole site for revisions to stuff I've already seen, I appreciate the "new stuff" pointers page.)
You all will definitely have to take responsibility for this shift from "softcover habit" to "hardcover habit" on my part. It's the d**n Baen chapters, and your evil links to 'em that got me. Keep up the good work.
Liesje Toomey ( 13 Oct 1999
The address of this site is brilliant, extraordinarily easy to remember even if you haven't read the books. Fantastically comprehensive, I esp like how you've linked to reviews. I've only just managed to persuade a friend to read her books and before that, reading other people's considered views allowed me to examine and extend my own. It'd be nice to have interaction between fans, is that possible? Only recently got home access so haven't explored properly. Really well presented site, I'm grateful that you do it.
The Lois-Bujold Mailing List is the most lively interaction of fans on the Net.
Naria Saotome ( 23 Sep 1999
I really enjoyed your site and I found the information well researched. My one complaint is that I could not find any pictures that I could blow up and print of her for a poster. I am looking for a picture for a research project I am doing and I was hoping to find one here.
Photos of Lois are somewhat sparse. But both an old Studio photo and a more recent one found on the Earthlight pages can be found on the Nexus.
Martin Gill ( 13 Sep 1999
I like the FAQ and reviews on Lois' work you publish here most of all. The only problem I have is that I keep getting lost when moving around the site. A more rigid structure (possibly with a dedicated contents page) would help me a lot.
Try using the Search Page using FreeFind. This automatically generates a new full index every month.
Mark Berry ( 9 Sep 1999
More a query rather than a sugestion. I have searched the site for a map of the systems and and jump routes in the Miles universe (such as the partial one at the beginning of the The Vor Game). Is there such a map in this site or does one exist anywhere?
Crystal Carroll has setup a map of the Nexus, presented by the Galactic Tourist Bureau.
Robert H. Smith ( 4 Sep 1999
I picked up Warrior's Apprentice in the high school library and I have been hooked ever since.
Randall Miysahiro ( 1 Sep 1999
I've been following this site since Komarr was delivered. Since then I've been happy to read the frequent updates. I hope to hear about the next book! (I'm still waiting for an Admiral Quinn, Butcher of Komarr, or a young Piotr story)
Susan Rice ( 29 Aug 1999
I appreciate the information about new books and their status! I also like seeing convention information well in advance, if close enough, I can make travel plans. Thanks much!
Paul Wilson ( 11 Aug 1999
Its great. keep it as it is please.... you could maybe add the occasional "message from Lois"... just the odd few words from our favourite author, and maybe longer interviews, possibly based on questions submitted by us here.
If Lois will provide the words I'll put them up! I don't really have enough space here for much growth but I try to link to all the better interviews on the Net.
Niki Becker ( 9 Aug 1999
Just a general thank for having a site at all, at this time. I'm going to explore it and see what other great things I can find about one of my favorite Authors.
Martin L. Metke ( 6 Aug 1999
YOU MUST NOT GO AWAY!!!!. I need one great LMB site to link to, so that the (infrequent) visitors to my web site will be able to find out more about Her Ladyship!
Linda O'Byrne ( 6 Aug 1999
Just found your website as new internet user. Great books, great writer. Didn't realise there was a new one to come straight after Komarr. Is K on sale in Britain yet? Why isn't she more popular over here. Can't understand it? Confused. LOB.
The first paperback edition of Komarr actually appeared in the UK in September 1998. why Lois is not more popular is one of the unsolved mysteries but hopefully A Civil Campaign may change this.
Clare Serjeant ( 14 Jul 1999
I think your site is a wonderful source of up to date information. The fan fiction section is a great idea. The link to 'A Civil Campaign' is a good fix for those of us too impatient to wait for Earthlight to get around to publishing next year. Thank you for a truly exceptional site.
P.S. Any chance of getting hold of a fuller family tree? I've been trying to puzzle it out and I'm getting confused with the Yuri, Xav, Ezar connection and salic descent.
Check out the links page for one version.
Victoria L'Ecuyer ( 9 Jul 1999
I pretty much go through all the page on a periodical basis. I'm not on the mailing list, since so much mail comes my way, i have a hard time getting anything done at work. Is it possible to have related reading material? For instance, authors that Lois reads herself or other authors that people have read and liked. Good fiction is soooo hard to find and while I'm always on the lookout for them, I do get tired of getting books only to get rid of them because I don't like the author that well.
One way of finding new books is via
judith ( 6 Jul 1999
I just want to say thank you, especially for the link to Baen books. I have enjoyed the chapters from the new book enormously and am waiting most impatiently for it's September publication. I am very grateful that you have spent so much of your time working on this site that I and others might enjoy it. Thank you.
Tom Tuck ( 30 Jun 1999
I'm enjoying the whole thing, particularly whatever Lois has got to say directly instead of thru her books. It's nice to get a glimsp of the real lady directly.
Randall Shumaker ( 29 Jun 1999
Posting the new book on the site as you are doing is wonderful, keep up the good work.
Tulin Idemen ( 27 Jun 1999
What a great webpage, what a great job! I've become addicted to it now and check it pretty often. Thank you so much for the wonderful organization and the links you've built up. This makes the waiting for her Ladyship's next book a bit easier.
Yannis Lavarino ( 24 Jun 1999
Great site, seem's we're living in the same outer space world. See ya !
Syril Victor ( 31 May 1999
My first time here - very nice.
Stella Lindblom ( 03 May 1999
The Nexus pages are really nifty and I visit them quite often.
Aenea ( 30 Apr 1999
I was on this site for the first time. And I think I'll look at it more regularly, because I love Lois' books and especially the stories of Miles. It was the cause of looking for information about Lois' books, because in Germany we still wait for "Cetaganda" and I didn't know whether any book will follow or not. Now I know and I'm happy.
Lois McMaster Bujold ( 27 Apr 1999
The Nexus has proved a wonderful resource for me for all sorts of PR needs.
Jane Graham George ( 26 Apr 1999
This is a great site for Lois's fans. Thought to tell you her book "Komarr" won the Minnesota Book Award for the Science Fiction category. Announced Friday, March 23, 1999.
Carolyn Golledge ( 16 Apr 1999
And deepest gratitude for your work in establishing this site and list. I began reading Bujold about 6 years ago and have only the one friend in US to whom I could rave on about the books. (a very expensive option when you live in Australia!) Now, having this list arriving in email every day is like finding Paradise Lost! THANK YOU -- I never expected such a wonderful bonus!
Liz Kinchington ( 27 Mar 1999
You're just doing a great job. I always check new titles available all Sci-fi publishers then head for the Nexus to check updates. This was the first I heard of IMPWED and now A Civil Engagement..
Art Parham ( 1 Mar 1999
Many thanks for starting and maintaining the BUJOLD NEXUS web site these several years. It's a wonderful resource for fans of Lois McMaster Bujold. Today I visited it again and was very pleased to find out that the promised ImpWed has become the finished A Civil Campaign. Do you know when it will be published by Baen Books? I am really looking forward to reading it.
Hopefully in September 1999
Marci D. ( 16 Feb 1999
I feel that you are doing a wonderful job. I am especially grateful for the mailing list. I hadn't heard anything about A Civil Contract. I think you are doing a great job. Thank you.
Jean Burns ( 2 Feb 1999
Thanks very much for a wonderfully informative site. I'd love to know when and what to expect in Lois' next book.
Roger Stenning ( 26 Jan 1999
I think you've got it covered well. If I think of anything, I'll comment again!
Josh Layne ( 12 Jan 1999
My main use of the site is to keep abreast of what's happening in regards to new and upcoming books. The one minor complaint I have with the site is that it takes awhile to load. (I have a cable modem connection). This is just a minor thing, though. Thanks for this very informative site!
Mike Garrison ( 7 Jan 1999
I'm sorry to say that I almost never access your site because it is so DARN slow... At least, it is slow on the US side of the Atlantic.
Try the mirror site at
On the net, lack of speed kills. I do love the list, though. Thanks!
Julio F. Hernando ( 13 Oct 1998
Just wanted say thank you for this wonderful page
Gale Leach ( 23 Aug 1998
Hello -- Nice site! A friend told me about this site and ordered a book for me which Lois signed -- I was quite thrilled. Thanks very much and kudos on a nice site.
Lindy Spiers ( 8 Aug 1998
I'm new to this site. I haven't regularly read anything on it. I was expecting a little more in depth discussions about the books that Lois has written.
If someone will write it, I'll probably publish it. Do look at Sylvia Kelso's article Loud Achievements: Lois McMaster Bujold's Science Fiction though.

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