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This pages lists all the merchandise available including books, audio books, T-shirts, car stickers and other material.

A list of current titles that are in print and the option to buy them from Dendarii Books. This includes both normal paper books and a growing number of eBooks.

Information about "Dreamweaver's Dilemma" can be found at the NESFA web site. It can also be ordered from Amazon via Dendarii Books. A hardback edition of "Shards of Honor" is also available from NESFA Press.

The Reader's ChairThe Reader's Chair, was the publisher of the unabridged audio editions. In April 2001 they started producing MP3-CDs, which enable the whole novel to be recorded on a single CD. This reduced costs and improved quality of the playback. Unfortunately the company went out of business in 2004 and these are now not easily found.

However Blackstone Audio Books have started publishing Lois and digital downloads via are also availble.

Scott M. Merritt of Pegasus Publishing has announced the advent of various licensed material based on the Vorkosigan Series, including shirts based on Lois' books. He also produces car stickers some of which have a Vorkosigan slant.

Steve Salaba of SoftWear Toys & Tees has signed a contract with Lois re: the "Bharaputra Laboratories" t-shirt that is mentioned in the "T-shirts and Buttons" section. The original shirts were a surprise for Lois at Windycon (1996) where she was Guest of Honor. Lois will now be receiving royalties on any shirts sold. Steve can now accept credit card orders.

Lois has approved an alternative "Bharaputra Labs" t-shirt with the words "Rescued From" stenciled across the top.

A new shirt - the "Durona Group" shirt which is printed in four colors and includes the slogan "Family Medicine" and a row of Durona doctor-clones along the bottom, has been added to the range. Details can be found at his new Lois McMaster Bujold T-Shirt webpage.

His web site is well worth a look for the Barrayaran Passport signed by both Aral Vorkosigan and Simon Illyan. Though this may change with Simon's retirement.

Steve has also perfected the method of applying the Vorkosigan seal so he can now offer for sale - Vorkosigan Liveried Butter bug Puppets!

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