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Spring 97

YOUNG MILES is an omnibus reprint of The Warrior's Apprentice, "The Mountains of Mourning", and The Vor Game, plus an author's afterword describing the genesis of the books, similar to the one in Cordelia's Honor. So there is a smidge of new material, even if it's only an essay. Its principal benefit is, this is the first time these books have ever been available in a hardcover edition (except for assorted SFBC versions, which have glued spines not sewn, that will grow brittle and crack apart over the years just like a paperback.) So those of you who have worn out three paperbacks may find a certain long-term economy here. Or those who just enjoy, and can afford, the heft of a hardcover. I don't yet know if the paper quality will be better than the first omnibus -- I hope so, but I'm not sanguine. Ask Baen. It is supposed to have a proper dust jacket this time.

The trade paperback YOUNG MILES will make a very good "starter set" for new readers, I think.

Coming up next year (if the above book does OK) will be a similar omnibus of the next group of stories in the series, consisting of Cetaganda, Ethan of Athos, "Labyrinth", and "Borders of Infinity". We haven't yet come up with a spiff title for it. If anyone has any good ideas, let me know. After that will be one containing Brothers in Arms, Mirror Dance, and Memory (now, that will be a book indeed), also now in search of a title.

The next new Miles book will likely be out mid-1998. It also lacks a title just at the moment, not to mention about six more chapters. Or eight, or ten... I hope not ten. This takes place on Komarr and chronicles Miles's first investigation as an Imperial Auditor. Titles, argh. If there's anything worse than having to come up with a new title, it's having to come up with three new titles...

Summer 99

Young Miles has had its run in trade paperback and what turned out to be a pseudo-hardcover edition (glossy cardboard cover, after the manner of some juveniles, wrapped around the same paper as used for the trade edition), and will likely be allowed to sell out and go out of print. No further omnibus volumes are planned by Baen at this time.

The Cordelia's Honor omnibus will be re-issued this September as a mass market (regular) sized paperback, and the trade paperback will not be re-printed. The mass-market omnibus will also replace the paperbacks of both Shards of Honor and Barrayar.

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