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Shards of Honor
Baen Books, June 1986. Original paperback.
The Warrior's Apprentice
Baen Books, August 1986. Original paperback.
Ethan of Athos
Baen Books, December 1986. Original paperback.
Falling Free
Serialized Analog, Dec. & Mid-Dec. 1987, Jan. & Feb. 1988. Baen Books, April 1988. Original paperback.
Brothers in Arms
Baen Books, January 1989. Original paperback.
Borders of Infinity
Easton Press signed first edition, 1989. Baen Books, October 1989. Original paperback.
The Vor Game
Easton Press signed first edition, 1990. Baen Books, September 1990. Original paperback.
Serialized Analog, July, August, September, & October 1991. Easton Press signed first edition, 1991. Baen Books, October 1991. Original paperback.
The Spirit Ring
Baen Books, November 1992, Hardcover edition. Baen Books, October 1993, Paperback edition.
Mirror Dance
Easton Press signed first edition, 1994. Baen Books, March 1994, 1st hardcover printing. March 1994, 2nd hardcover printing. Baen Books, March 1995, Paperback edition.
Serialized Analog, October, November, December, and Mid-December 1995. Easton Press signed First Edition, January, 1996. Baen Books, January 1996, 1st hardcover printing. Baen Books, October 1996, Paperback edition.
First Baen hardcover October 1996, first Baen paperback October 1977
First Baen hardcover June 1998. Easton Press signed first edition 1998, first Baen paperback April 1999
A Civil Campaign
First Baen hardcover September 1999, Easton Press signed first edition 1999, first Baen paperback August 2000.
The Curse of Chalion
First Eosbooks hardcover August 2001. Harper Torch paperback October 2002.
Diplomatic Immunity
First Baen hardcover May 2002, first Baen paperback June 2003.
Paladin of Souls
Signed & normal Eosbooks hardcover September 2003. Harper Torch paperback April 2005
The Hallowed Hunt
First Eosbooks hardcover May 2005. Signed limited 750 edition Hill House Publishers, silk hardcover August 2005


"The Borders of Infinity"
Alien Stars IV: Freelancers: Baen Books: September 1987.
"The Mountains of Mourning"
Analog, May 1989.
Analog, August 1989.
Analog, February 1990.
"Winterfair Gifts"
Irresistible Forces: Tradepaperback, NAL: February 2004. Signet, paperback, January 2006

The first three novellas were collected in Borders of Infinity, see above.
"Weatherman" was incorporated into The Vor Game, see above.

Short Stories

Twilight Zone Magazine, March/April 1985.
Far Frontiers, Volume V, Spring 1986.
"The Hole Truth"
Twilight Zone Magazine, December 1986.
"Garage Sale"
American Fantasy, Spring 1987.
was incorporated into Shards of Honor, see above.

Non-Fiction Articles

"Allegories of Change"
New Destinies, Vol. VIII, Sept. 1989.
"The Unsung Collaborator"
Lan's Lantern, Issue # 31.
"My First Novel"
The Bulletin of the Science Fiction Writers of America, Vol. 24, No. 4, Winter 1990, Whole number 110.
"Free Associating About Falling Free"
Nebula Awards 24, HBJ, 1990.
"Getting Started"
Writers of the Future, Vol. VIII, 1992.
"Genre Barriers"
Ohio Writer Magazine, Vol. VI, Issue # 3, May/June 1992.
"Mind Food: Writing Science Fiction"
The Journal of Youth Services in Libraries, ISSN 0894-2498 Vol. 10, No. 2, Winter 1997
"Letterspace" with Sylvia Kelso
Women of Other Worlds, 1999

In addition, various works have been translated and published in fifteen languages so far: novels in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Czech, Japanese, Dutch, Croatian, Lithuanian, Hebrew, Romanian, Bulgarian, and a short story in Chinese. This does not include Science Fiction Book Club editions.

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