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New Year (2003) Message from Lois

This was originally sent to the LMB Mailing List (and LordV Yahoo list) on 01 Jan 2003 23:43:07

Hi all

I see I have only an hour left (CST) to get my New Year's greeting in -- Happy 1st of 2003 to all the Listees at sea, or on land for that matter!

It's a quiet time here in Lake Woebegon. This is still my period for recharging my mental batteries by reading (and indulging myself with trips to the cinema.) The reading will doubtless bear fruit later, but for the moment, there's nothing new to report.

The manuscript of Paladin of Souls is in the hands of the esteemed copyeditor. I expect some back-and-forth there, then it will be out of sight and mind until time to check the galleys, probably late summer. The cover art is in progress, presumably, but I haven't seen any sketches or anything yet. Hardcover publication is currently scheduled for October.

I am informed that The Curse of Chalion is one of the 26 novels that made the Nebula Preliminary Ballot this year. This year's slate of final nominees will be chosen from this list by the members of SFWA and announced sometime in February. The winners will be announced in late April.

Also speaking of art, Larry Dixon is working not only on GURPS Vorkosigan, a large project requiring over 90 pieces of interior B&Ws, but also on a new cover for Young Miles, which is slated for a mass market edition this coming July from Baen. It should be able to join the mass market size Cordelia's Honor as a handy starter-Bujold. Diplomatic Immunity is scheduled for paperback reprint in June.

The New Zealand trip in April is still in the planning stage, but it looks as though things are soon to be finalized. I expect to take some time before the convention (Emoticon 2003 in Auckland) to see a bit of the South Island; it's going to add up to an awful lot of days away from home, my cat, my computer, my mail, and my writing, which should be in full spate again by then, but I trust it will be worth it.

I haven't decided about this year's Worldcon yet; I'll do so in May or June. I also haven't decided if I'll add WisCon; some close friends are going, so it's at least under consideration. I'd just be an attendee, not a guest -- I wouldn't have to do anything, which is a somewhat enticing thought. Definitely on the schedule is Albacon 2003 in the Albany, NY area, October 10 - 12, which I hope to combine with a visit to my brother who lives at nearby Lake George, and also possibly a signing at Flights of Fantasy, an excellent independent SF bookstore in Albany.

best, Lois.

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