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October 2008

Subject: (chat) GURPS VK sighting
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008


I spent all day yesterday, till time to pack up ago go to the library program, proofreading the e-text file for GURPS Vorkosigan due (for the past several years) out from Steve Jackson Games. This was a fairly serendipitous arrival in my in-box, as I was thus able to use time otherwise distracted by the fellow laying flooring tile in my laundry room (a job still not completed -- they sent the wrong color rubber baseboard. Argh!)

Anyway, the text, by Genevieve Cogman, was still good (I'd given it a read for content some years back when it was first written), now brought up to date. I wish SJG would publish the dratted thing, though. No, I don't have any inside information when that will be. But they've also run some very nice artwork past me recently, which is a hopeful sign.

The library program last night was fun, if modestly attended -- I think about 7 people showed up. But it got me out of the house. None of them had been to WorldCon, so I read the first chapter of the new Miles book to them to help fill the hour.

Ta, L.

Subject: (news) Vorkosigan Companion e-preview
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2008

I see Baen has put up a honkin' great slug of The Vorkosigan Companion as an on-line preview...

Several screens worth of stuff -- click to the table of contents for the most useful entry-point.

Ta, L.

Subject: (News & Chat) Blackstone pre-news
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2008

Ah ha --

I see this morning that Blackstone Audiobooks had Ethan of Athos on the schedule, for release March 2009.

Goodness, what a large URL...

Strange cover -- it looks like one of the French covers by Caza, and familiar, but I don't see it on my shelf of titles. Maybe I didn't get an author's copy of that one. There is a lot of rather random mix-and-matching between cover art and books in both foreign editions and subrights re-issues.

Caza, I'm told, is very big in France, which confuses the heck out of my American-market-trained eye. His art is in a comics style, which over here signals a low-status placement; painterly or abstract covers signal high status placement here. (Neither of which has any necessary relation to sales; no one, inside or outside publishing, can ever really guess what will sell, though they all try desperately.)

Ta, L.

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