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February 2008

Subject: (news-chat) Newly-styled Baen Bujold reprints
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008

Ah ha --

FedEx brought me today (via my neighbor, but we got the little address glitch straightened out) a big box 'o new Baen reprints of seven of my backlist titles, all with new cover treatments. All are dated January '08. In style they are like the new Miles in Love cover, with the bright artwork in a broad black border speckled with white, giving the effect of a starry night sky or spacescape.

(Note that the MiL cover as printed is not quite like the cover as seen on Amazon, as the latter lacks the border.)

Young Miles, Mirror Dance, Memory, Komarr, and Diplomatic Immunity all have the original artwork, but the border tones down the gaudiness of the prior covers while still giving the purchaser a visual clue that they are the same books. Falling Free and Brothers in Arms both have new artwork, by Kurt Miller and Clyde Caldwell respectively -- both artists are new to me. (The recent editions of Miles, Mutants and Microbes and Miles in Love both had artwork by Alan Pollock or Pollack -- it's spelled both ways -- also new to me.)

The seven reprints also have uniform typography that helps give the series a unified look, and I'm glad to see we managed to get the award wins properly placed in their little cartouches, too, that they may serve their one utilitarian purpose. If I can get my scanner to work to give me reasonable files, I'll try to send scans to Mike for posting on the website at

In all, heartening.

Ta, L.

Subject: (news-like) Legacy mention
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008

And here's another nice mention for Legacy...

Ta, L. (Now waiting anxiously for the first responses to Passage, though.)

Subject: (chat) ...and the squirrels are merry (*)
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2008


I climbed onto my much-loathed treadmill for my morning trudge, waiting for nothing more interesting than a train (the Soo Line spur to Northville runs through the cutting at the bottom of the hill that is my backyard, and I have the treadmill set up looking out the big downstairs window). No sooner had I done so than half a dozen squirrels appeared, chasing each other and tumbling about in the gently falling snow -- and one was an albino! They kept it up, passing in and out of view up and down the trees, for the whole period, and seem to be at it still. I'd think any sensible squirrel would head for its drey, with what the weather here is shaping up to be today.

But the albino squirrel was exceedingly cool. Sometimes, virtue is its own reward.

Ta, L.

(*) Anyone else here see Office Space?

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