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December 2008

Subject: Season's Greetings to the List Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008

And a Merry Christmas, or Holiday of your Choice, to the Listees and all the ships at sea...

Early greetings here, as tomorrow is expected to be busy with family things; brunch out, dinner at home with my kid, maybe an outing later if I'm not stunned into premature sleep by all the food.

December 25th is also the date I chose, all those moons ago, to be the due date for the new Miles book, a dream I now greet with a somewhat hollow laugh. Well, it'll get there when it gets there. On the bright side, my neck/arm neurological problems seem to be slowly clearing up, thanks to drugs, physical therapy, and time.

The delivery services have been busy this week in this neck of the woods, bringing treats including new Chinese-traditional-characters (that refers to the typography, not the protagonists) editions of The Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls from a publisher called Muses Publishing House, with really classy covers, and a copy of Shards of Honor in Czech from Tallpress. (Also in today's mail, I see the Science Fiction Book Club is offering TSK 1 & 2 (combined edition) and #3, Passage, as a twofer.) And via UPS, just in time for my Christmas, forwarded by my lovely editor, the fresh new paperback edition of TSK: Passage, warm from the press as from a baker's oven, due in stores next week. Very nice production values as is usual from Eos, plus a preview of the first scene of TSK: Horizon tucked into those spare pages in the back.

I do still like that cover...

Just listening again today also to my Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer discs; if TSK were a movie, Dave & Tracy could provide the material for fannish songvids.

Ta, L.

Subject: (news) TSK previews news
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008

Coming in January...

There will be a "Browse Inside" widget up on the Harper Collins website containing the first 20% of Horizon, starting January 6th.

Also, my Eos editor writes to me: "In addition to putting up the first 20% of TSK: Horizon in January, we'd like to include TSK: Beguilement in our Full Access program for that month. Full Access allows consumers to read the entire book online, for free, on our website. It's not downloadable, so readers won't be able to copy and keep it, but they will be able to read as much as they'd like."

This seems to come as giant widget PDF file of some sort; I'll supply the exact URL when it goes up.

A reminder, all you happy ARC readers -- review early and often! The same blog or website reviews, in addition to being linked, might be cut and pasted in more than one place -- I'm thinking of the slightly more obscure spots than Amazon, like Books-a-Million, Chapters, Powell's, Target online, etc. -- y'all are more likely to know where than I do. If anyone has good ideas for places to scatter these breadcrumbs, please share. If any of y'all are going to the trouble to actually write reviews, it behooves to get the maximum benefit from your efforts. Remarks on the older books in the series would also be timely, as the Chef Recommends they be read in order.

Which reminds me, if anyone (or anyone someone here knows) *does* chance to read Horizon first, I would love to hear how the volume works for them. I went to a deal of trouble to layer in the backstory in the opening chapters, in a fresh enough way that I hope it won't bore the older readers (though it necessarily will consitiute great honking spoilers for the prior volumes), but I've not yet found a fresh reader to test-drive it and report how it works as a stand-alone.

Ta, L.

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