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July 2007

Subject: Legacy second printing
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007


I came home from my haircut this afternoon to find a box from HarperCollins on my front porch, containing 10 copies of the second printing of Legacy. (In my world, Santa Claus wear brown.) A very good sign.

The second printing is identical to the first, except that if you look on the back of the title page with the copyright and what-not, at the row of numbers along the very bottom, the first printing ends in "1" and the second, "2".

Second printings are usually made on the basis of re-orders, but don't necessarily mean the first printing has sold out; quantities may be sitting on bookstore or wholesale shelves somewhere, to be returned on the tide months later -- but are not where they're wanted and have moved briskly. So a true picture of the numbers all takes a while to settle out. But the fact that they went back for another 15% within three weeks of publication is quite encouraging.

Meanwhile, TSK#4 is up to Ch. 21...

Ta, L.

Subject: Miles, Mutants and Microbes preface
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007

A direct link to the preface might be useful, too, it belatedly occurs to me. You can see a shot of the cover art there, too.

Ta, L.

Subject: (chat) Miles, Mutants and Microbes...
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007

... arrived today, direct from the printer. Official release date is August 7th.

Very nice cover art and design. A new artist to me, Alan Pollack. Amazon will give you a peek at the cover -- it doesn't seem to have a direct link to the "larger image" thingie --

This is a Baen omnibus hardcover reprint, comprised of Falling Free, "Labyrinth", and Diplomatic Immunity, plus an introduction by yours truly. I see they managed to make the $18 bargain price work out in part by making it a glued not sewn spine, like the Science Fiction Book Club editions. Nice readable print size, adequate gutters, surprisingly comfortable to hold, despite the full contents. 582 pages plus the timeline, so it's not overly thick paper.

I see the Baen website has a number of sample chapters of Falling Free up with it, and also has posted the preface. Ch. 1 seems to be labeled Ch. 12, for some strange reason.

It should be something a new reader can pick up and just plunge into, I would think; we'll find out, I suppose. It'll be interesting to see what such readers make of it.

Ta, L.

Subject: another Legacy review
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007

I thought this was an especially well-written and perceptive review, then I figured out it was by Sherwood Smith, which rather explains it.

She is, I believe, Californian, which explains why she doesn't quite recognize the setting.

Ta, L.

Subject: (news & chat) TSK #3 update
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007

Back home at last...

...and getting caught up. Sort of. I hope getting ahead and getting behind will achieve a steady-state soon.

The line-edit of TSK#3 arrived this morning UPS from New York, due back all tidied by the end of August or so. Even my editor notes this one is more of a stand-alone, or at least (my opinion) more rounded. It's been slotted into the publication schedule for June, 2008.

Yes, it really does take that long to prepare a book for publication. Besides the edit, and later, the copy-edit, there will be the cover art to figure out, assign, and get back, cover and interior design to do, sales brochures and plans and ad copy to make -- the Eos summer 2008 list is being finalized right now, because the sales stuff will go out mid-winter, and all that jacket-stuff has to be final by then.

It may have acquired a subtitle other than Grace River. A fan somewhere on the book tour -- I think it was in a hurried hall conversation during my one day at Westercon, unless it was a hurried hall conversation last weekend at ConVergence -- suggested Passage, which my editor quite likes, too. It rather fits in with the one-word progression of the prior ones -- Beguilement, Legacy, Passage... What d'you all think? The Sharing Knife, Vol. 3: Passage.

My brain is now like a dog trying to chase two rabbits, with both the climax of #4 in progress and this task on my plate. I will try not to contract choice-paralysis.

Ta, L.

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