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October 2005

Subject: (news) The Sharing Knife duology
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005

Hi all --

I am very pleased to report that Eos/HarperCollins has bought the rights to . Plans are to publish it in two volumes, the first sometime in the fall of 2006, (earlier than I was expecting) and the second, if the schedule permits, some six to nine months thereafter. (So readers won't be stuck waiting a whole year for the second half of the story.)

I am quite happy with this, as now no one will be asking me to make major cuts for mere length, a possibility, or threat, I was not looking forward to. This past year I've really enjoyed writing this story just the way it seemed to want to flow, without the constraints that tend to stem from anxiety over marketing considerations, contract deadlines, and all that. As a result it will be slightly different from my more usual style in, well, several ways in addition to falling into two parts, but that's probably going to be the most apparent.

Although I was suspecting as early as last winter that it might indeed undergo mitosis, I wrote it as a single volume, so the editorial pass is doubtless going to include some adjustments to the transition into the second half, which is currently a simple jump-cut and then the action continues, like "Aragorn sped on up the hill." only rather less fraught. The first volume is should work fairly well as a temporary stand-alone, as it ends at a very organic point of semi-closure that I've had my eye on for the purpose ever since it became clear to me how long this one was going to run. The second half is more problematic, but by the time the second volume is published, the first should still be widely available. (And perhaps someday someone will publish an omnibus edition and put it all back together, like Cordelia's Honor.)

My editor and I have not yet discussed sub-titles for the individual halves, although I have a few ideas in that direction. The book's working title till I was about nine-tenths through was the eponymous Dag & Fawn, so I suppose I could subtitle each with the name of the character it most concentrates upon. Other possibilities include but are not limited to, The Sharing Knife, vol. 1: Dag and Fawn, and The Sharing Knife, vol. 2: The Wide Green World, although at one point I really hankered after that latter for the title of a potential sequel. Well, we'll see. Better ideas may yet occur.

Ta, Lois.

Subject: (news) Warrior's Apprentice up at Blackstone
Date: Sun, 09 Oct 2005

Hi all --

I just received my author's copy of Blackstone Audio's new production of The Warrior's Apprentice, so one of the chief starter-books of the Vorkosigan series is back and available again in tape, CD, and MP3-CD. I don't see a digital download, which has been my main outlet for sales so far, but perhaps one will be available later. Like The Vor Game, The Warrior's Apprentice is read by Grover Gardner -- my literary agent is a huge fan of this narrator. The Blackstone website has audio samples, so everyone's, um, ears can have a taste...

For more info at the Blackstone website:

It looks as if they only have the library packaging for the first two formats again, which is because they didn't get enough orders from bookstores to justify a retail edition. (F&SF generally seems to be a bit of a stepchild-genre in audio.) The MP3-CDs are more invitingly priced, methinks. But with all the librarians on this list, not to mention library patrons, we ought to be able to make a go of it. Do please pass along the information, URL, and requests to your local library audiobooks departments and anyone else you think might be interested. As usual, the books are unabridged.

Ta, Lois.

Subject: (news) Chalion News
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005

Hi all --

The paperback of The Hallowed Hunt is on Eos's production schedule for next June, I'm told.

On the other end of the bookbinding scale, Hill House has finally prepared their deluxe edition for sale. They forwarded me this nice blurb, which I promised to pass on, and which I invite you all to pass on to anyone who may be either interested or just boggled:

Hill House Publishers has produced a signed limited edition of THE HALLOWED HUNT, which is now in stock, but may not be for long! It's absolutely gorgeous. The deep burgundy of the Elegance Slub satin binding is rich and elegant. The painting by David Bowers, inlaid into the front of the binding, is a work of art. The interior of the book, designed by Marysarah Quinn, an award-winning designer, looks as if it were taken from a centuries-old illustrated manuscript. (One of Marysarah's previous designs was for the Doubleday limited edition of Stephen King's THE STAND.)

There's an incredible traycase that contains the entire work. Covered inside and out in the same burgundy satin, this clamshell case is fitted perfectly to the book-- and it features the David Bowers artwork inlaid on the front panel. If you're a collector, then you know that most small presses feature clamshell cases for only the highly limited (and highly expensive) lettered editions of their work.

There are only 750 copies of this signed limited available, which will make it extremely collectible. To see pictures of this beautiful book, or to order, please click here:

It really is quite an astonishing example of loving book-making art.

Ta, L.

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