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March 2005

Subject: (news) Brief progress report
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005

Lessee, brief progress report. The official street date for The Hallowed Hunt is 5/24/05, which mostly gets rounded up to June 1. There will be a 9-day book tour hitting stores in 6 cities starting June 6th; I'll also have signings at Dreamhaven and Uncle Hugo's here in the Twin Cities fore and aft of the tour. This book is all over but the selling, from my point of view. I'm starting to keep an eye out for reviews and such, but not too many have surfaced yet.

The cities currently on the tour schedule are Seattle, Portland OR, San Diego, San Francisco, Dayton OH, and Chicago. I'll post more detailed information as it gets finalized.

I've been working since last fall on a new fantasy unrelated to any prior book of mine; it's about three-fourths done just now. 29 chapters so far; it'll top out around 40, I think, plus or minus. I'm not sure how long it will take to finish in the first draft. I have not yet submitted it for publication anywhere, because I didn't want to yet; I'll announce it when that changes. I've been enjoying the decrease in background stress from not having a deadline. I haven't started reading from it at cons and such yet, because it's still time to promote The Hallowed Hunt, but as soon as HH hits the bookstores, it'll be time to switch over: I prefer to read from unpublished works in any venue where I can count on most readers being familiar with my work, which includes conventions and bookstores.

I do not know when or if I will write another Vorkosigan story. I do not rule it out, but I don't have a new novel in mind at this time. Nor a short story notion either. I won't decide on the next project till I'm done with the new fantasy, probably toward the end of this summer or early fall, depending.

bests, Lois.

Subject: (news) Scifi Wire interview
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005

This interview is now up...

There are two more with other nominees, which you can access by going back to the "Print" (meaning, news about print media) page.

Ta, L.

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