The Bujold Nexus

A Pronunciation Guide to Names and Places

by Suford Lewis

The author says that we may pronounce the names as we please, but many readers wish to know how she pronounces them. Without getting too finicky, this is to give an indication of the syllables which are more emphasized and the approximate values of the vowels and consonants of some of the names used in the works of Lois McMaster Bujold. Brief identifications will include the work in which the person or place principally appears, if it appears little outside of that work.
This is not a complete guide to the pronunciation of all names in Bujold's works. It contains ... what it contains with an attempt to cover all major characters and the minor ones whose pronunciation might be tricky.
Some amendments have been added since initial publication, in Dreamweaver's Dilemma, from information given by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Pronunciation Key:

aa - a in as, cat
ah - a in father
aw - a in saw
ay - a in bay, sake
eh - e in bend
ee - e in week
ih - i in it
ai - i in sight, like
oy - oy in boy
oh - o in go, oat
oo - o in choose, ruse
uh - u in sun, done
c - either k or s will be used except for ch
g - will indicate a hard g as in good
j - will indicate a soft g as in germ
zh - will indicate the sound of the s in vision and the second g in garage

Diphthongs (besides ai, ay and oy) will be indicated by vowels separated by an underline, for instance, ai could be equivalently written as ah_ee. Many subtle differences are ignored: the "th" in thin is not distinguished from the "th" in then, the precise pronunciation of the "u" in survey is simplified to its less continental cousin "uh", the rolled "r" is ignored. Purists beware.

Key to Abbreviations for Works:

ALE - The Adventure of the Lady on the Embankment
B - Barrayar
BiA - Brothers in Arms
BoI - The Borders of Infinity
C - Cetaganda
CoC - The Curse of Chalion
DD - Dreamweaver's Dilemma
EoA - Ethan of Athos
FF - Falling Free
K - Komarr
L - Labyrinth
M - Memory
MD - Mirror Dance
MoM - The Mountains of Mourning
SoH - Shards of Honor
SR - The Spirit Ring
VG - The Vor Game
WA - The Warrior's Apprentice

Ahn - AAN
Lieutenant, Meteorology Officer at Laskowski Base, served under Metzov on Komarr, also. (VG)
Arata, Tav - ah-RAA-tah, TAAV
Captain, Kline Station Security, friend of Elli Quinn (EoA)
Ascanio - aas-KAA-nee_oh
Lord, heir to Montefoglia, 10 years old. (SR)
Aslund - AAS-lund
System off the Hegen Hub, not wealthy, wary of Barrayar. (VG)
Athos - AA-thohs
planet within two-month sub-light voyage of Kline Station settled by a religious sect believing association with women to be sinful and having the technological ability to do without them. (EoA)
Auson, - AW-sn
Captain of the Ariel in the Oseran Mercenaries, Captain of the Triumph in the Dendarii Mercenaries.
Baruch, Cynthia Jane - baa-RUHK, SIHN-thee-ya JAYN
geneticist who built the original ovarian cultures for Athos, and put herself into her work. (EoA)
Barrayar BEHR-ah-yahr
System off the Hegen Hub through Pol and Komarr
Beauchene Life Center - BOH-shayn
medical facility specializing in cryo-revival.
Benar, Fahun - bay-NAHR, FAY-huhn
commander of a Felician asteroid belt refinery and an old friend of Major Daum. (WA)
Beneforte, Fiametta - BEH-neh-FOHR-teh, FEE-ah-MEH-tah
daughter and apprentice to Prospero (SR)
Beneforte, Prospero - PRAH-speh-roh
master magician and goldsmith. (SR)
Benin - BEH-nihn
ghem-Colonel in charge of the investigation of Ba Lura's death (C)
Beta Colony - BAY-tah KAH-luh-nee
second extra-Solar colony, first successful one, founded from the US before the advent of wormhole technology
Bharaputra, Vasa Luigi - baa-ruh-POO-truh, VAA-suh loo-EE-jee
Head of House Bharaputra on Jackson's Whole, maker and seller of clones (and his own customer).
Bianca - bee-AHN-kah
doctor and psychiatrist, having married into a pharmaceutical company as well as worked his way up, he wants control. (DD)
Bonn - BAWN
Barrayaran engineering Lieutenant at Laskowski Base ordered to have his men to clean up a fetaine spill. (VG)
Bonsanklar - BOHN-saang-klahr
large seaside resort in Vorkosigan District.
Bothari, Konstantin - boh-THAH-ree, KAHN-sten-tihn
armsman to (in order): Aral Vorkosigan, Jes Vorrutyer, Aral Vorkosigan, Piotr Vorkosigan, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan and Miles Vorkosigan; absolutely loyal to the Vorkosigans and absolutely deadly, but not absolutely sane.
Bothari-Jesek, Elena - JEH-suhk, ay-LAY-nuh
daughter of Konstantin Bothari, childhood friend of Miles, Ivan and Gregor, apprentice to Commodore Tung then Captain-Owner in the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet.
Bruinwald - BROO-ihn-vahld
mining and smelting town in Switzerland, home of Uri and Thur Ochs (SR)
Calhoun, Tav - kaal-HOON, TAV
Owner of the RG132 who accepts a deed of Vorkosigan land for it, a man of little faith. (WA)
Cavilo - kaa-VEE-loh
Commander of Randall's Rangers, succession by assassination disguised as accident. (VG)
Cecchino - keh-CHEE-noh
fishing village in Montefoglia across the lake from the Duke's castle and north of the monastery. (SR)
Cecil - SEH-sl
Major in personnel at the academy, personally involved in deciding every cadet's first assignment. (VG)
Cee, Terrence - SEE, TEHR-ehns
L-X-10 Terran-C, lively experimental result of Faz Jahar's long-term genetics project for Cetaganda. (EoA)
Cetaganda - see-tuh-GAN-duh
Empire of eight planetary systems plus "allied worlds", conquered Barrayar shortly after its rediscovery but driven off after about 10 years of occupation, made two more attempts before turning its expansionist goals elsewhere, failed at Vervain and the Hegen Hub, and eventually retreated from Marilac after initial victories.
Chodak, Clive - CHOH-daak, KLAIV
Sergeant, key to contacting Elena in early maneuvering of Miles to get Gregor home. (VG)
Csurik, Harra - SHUH-rihk, HAA-ruh
hiked to Vorkosigan Surleau to speak her complaint since her village speaker would do nothing. (MoM)
Csurik, Lem - LEHM
the accused, but unwilling that the true murderer should be convicted by his words.(MoM)
Csurik, Raina - RAY-nuh
daughter of Lem and Harra, the victim. (MoM)
Dagoola IV - duh-GOO-lah FOHR
location of Cetagandan prison camp for Marilacan invasion. (BoI)
Dal, Harman - DAHL, HAHR-mn
cover identity for ghem-Colonel Millisor on Kline Station. (EoA)
Darobey - DAH-roh-bay
one of the mutineers under Radnov. (SoH)
Daum, Carle - DAA_OOM, KAHR-leh
Major in the Felician forces, hired Miles and the RG132 to take "agricultural supplies" to Felice (WA)
Dea - DEE
Lieutenant, assistant physician to the Regent of Barrayar, also competent as a large animal veterinarian. (MoM)
Degtiar, Rian - DEHG-tee-ahr, RAI-ahn
Cetagandan haut Lady, Handmaiden of the Star Creche, serious geneticist and member of the inmost ruling circle. (C)
Dendarii - den-DARE-ee
Mountains on Barrayar, region that never surrendered to the Cetagandan occupiers; also name borne by a galactic mercenary troop led by Admiral Miles Naismith.
Desroches, - day-ROH-shay
Chief of Staff at the Sevarin Replication Center on Athos and immediate superior to Dr. Ethan Urquhart. (EoA)
Destang - des-TAANG
Barrayaran Commodore, Chief of Security for Sector II, hopes to retire before Miles shows up in his area again. (BiA)
Diaz, Carlos - dee-AAZ, KAAR-lohs
private eye who lost his license, and is looking for a new source of income, aka Rudolph Kinsey. (DD)
Droushnakovi, Ludmilla - DROOSH-nuh-kaw-vee, luhd-MIH-luh
bodyguard to Princess Kareen and her son, Gregor, later married Captain Koudelka. (B)
DuBauer - doo-BAA_OO-r
Ensign under Captain Naismith on the Rene Magritte, seriously disabled by a disrupter blast to the head. (SoH)
DuBauer, Chalmy s - CHAL-mihs
pilot in pre-wormhole jump days between Earth and Beta Colony (DD)
Durona Group- doo-ROH-nuh GROOP
Medical research group allied to House Fell, founded by Lilly Durona and composed of her clones (MD)
Escobar - EHS-koh-bahr
high tech world , topologically close to Beta Colony and Sergyar in the Wormhole Nexus (SoH)
Eta Ceta - AYT-tuh SEE-tuh
capitol world of the Cetagandan Empire. (C)
Felice - fay-LEES
Nation on Tau Verde IV, warring with Pelias (WA)
Ferrante, Uberto - feh-RAHN-teh, oo-BEHR-toh
new lord of Losimo consolidating his power by courting in Montefoglia, just having lost a young wife in childbirth. (SR)
Galen, Ser - GAY-ln, SUHR
dedicated Komarran rebel, sister Rebecca was killed in the Solstice Massacre. (BiA)
Galeni, Duv - geh-LEHN-ee, DUHV
ne David Galen, son of Ser, historian, Captain in the Barrayaran Imperial Forces, security chief of embassy on Earth. (BiA)
Garnett, Aloysius - gar-NEHT, aa-loo-IH-shuhs
aka James Helmuth, aka Lewis Brookman, pharmaceutical chemist who employed a Cordelia Naismith in New York City. (ALE)
Gamad - GAH-mahd
Felician Lieutenant, on succeeding Major Daum in command of an asteroid refinery, became enamored of his own importance. (WA)
ghem - GEHM
caste of nobility on Cetaganda
Giaja, Fletchir - gee-AH-jah, FLEH-chr
Emperor of Cetaganda (C)
Giaja, Slyke - SLAI-kee
Satrap Governor of Xi Ceta and half-brother of the current emperor, Fletchir. (C)
Gonzales, Helmut - gohn-ZAH-lehs, HEHL-muht
feelie dream distributor with whom Anias Ruey has a contract. (DD)
Grishnov - GRIHSH-nawv
Minister of Political Education, his ministry was one of Ezar's experiments in centralization that failed.
Halify - HAA-lih-fee
able young Felician general, knew Miles's word meant something to him. (WA)
Hassadar - HAA-suh-dahr
new capital of District Vorkosigan after the destruction of Vorkosigan Vashnoi in the Cetagandan War..
haut - HOHT
the higher of the two noble castes of the Cetagandans.
Hegen Hub -HEH-gn HUHB
a nexus of four wormholes connecting Jackson's Whole with 5, to Komarr with 6, an important trade and political crossroads. (VG)
Helda, F. - HEHL-dah
Biocontrol Warden on Kline Station, more neurotic for her job than necessary. Her son emigrated to Athos. (EoA)
Illyan, Simon - EEL-yn, SAI-mn
Captain, succeeded Captain Negri as head of Imperial Security, implanted with a memory chip for his mission in the Escobaran Assault to insure perfect and verifiable recall.
Jackson's Whole
system off the Hegen Hub composed of the greater and lesser houses each headed by a baron whose law is what the appropriate baron says it is and the Deal is the Deal.
Jahar, Faz - jah-HAHR, FAAZ
Cetagandan geneticist, obsessed with finding the genes for telepathy, or inventing them. (EoA)
Janine - jah-NEEN
J-9-X Ceta-G, companion, wife, co-victim with Terrence Cee, also an experimental result. (EoA)
Janos - YAA-nohs
son of Ethan's father's designated alternate parent whom Ethan wished would be his designated alternate parent. (EoA)
Jesek, Bazil - JEH-suhk, BAA-zl
panicked and deserted from the Barrayaran forces, taken up and sworn by Miles, fell in love and married Elena Bothari, Commodore and Fleet Engineer in the Dendarii Mercenaries.
Julia - JOOL-yah
Lady, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Montefoglia, 12 years old, courted by Uberto Ferrante of Losimo. (SR)
Kanzian - KAAN-zee_uhn
Admiral in the Barrayaran Imperial forces, stood with Aral through the Vordarian Pretendership, a top strategist.
Karal, - KAA-rl
Speaker for Silvy Vale, a veteran and a traveled man. (MoM)
Kety, Ilsum - KEH-tee, IHL-suhm
Satrap Governor of Sigma Ceta, an impatient and manipulative man. (C)
Kinsey, Rudolph - KIHN-see, ROO-dawlf
agent for an unpleasant custom feelie dream buyer, cover name for Carlos Diaz. (DD)
Kline Station - KLAIN STAA-shuhn
300 year old station orbiting a faint start in a nexus of 6 wormholes, a thriving crossroads with 100,000 citizens, already 100 years old when Athos was founded.
Komarr - koh-MAHR
Important wormhole nexus, living off its trade routes, Barrayar's only outlet to the rest of human inhabited space.
Korabik, Gottyan - koh-RAH-bihk, GOHT-yahn
eager for captaincy, threw in with Lt. Radnov's mutiny; got his captaincy in the expedition against Escobar, a dubious reward for dubious loyalty. (SoH)
Koudelka, Clement - koo-DEHL-kuh, KLEH-mnt
suffered nerve disrupter damage in Radnov's attempted take over of the Sergyar expedition, became secretary to the Regent, served well against Vordarian, married Droushnakovi, has four daughters including Delia and Kareen.
Koudelka, Delia - DEEL-yah
one of Kareen's older sisters. (MD)
Koudelka, Kareen - kah-REEN
youngest and shortest daughter of Drou and Kou, intrigued with Lord Mark Vorkosigan. (MD)
Kshatrya - KSHAH-tree-uh
a culture whose military includes imperial mercenaries they rent to anyone. (WA)
Kyril Island - KIH-rihl AI-lnd
Location of Laskowski Base, Barrayaran training camp also called Camp Permafrost. (VG)
Lake - LAYK
Lieutenant in the Oseran Mercenaries, loyal to Oser, ordered to space Admiral Naismith, later captured by Randall's Rangers. (VG)
Laskowski Base - laas-KAU-skee BAYS
Barrayaran training camp on Kyril Island also called Camp Permafrost. (VG)
Letitia - leh-TEE-shah
Duchess of Montefoglia, wife of Sandrino, mother of Lord Ascanio and Lady Julia. (SR)
Losimo - LOH-sih-moh
realm neighboring Montefoglia, inherited by Uberto Ferrante. (SR)
Lura, Ba - LOO-ruh, BAH
loyal servant of the Haut Lizbet Degtiar, the Dowager Empress, its disagreement with Haut Rian made it a pawn in another's plot and cost it it's life. (C)
Marilac - MAA-rih-laak
insufficiently distrustful culture thinking to be allies with Cetaganda. The Dendarii Mercenaries provided them with aid and supplies for about 5 years until the Cetagandans retreated.
Mayhew, Arde - MAY-hee_oo, AHR-dee
Necklin Drive jump pilot, allowed Cordelia to stow away on his ship from Beta Colony, rescued by Miles when his last ship was about to be scrapped.
Maz, Mia - MAHZ, MEE-uh
Vervani embassy assistant chief of protocol specializing in women's etiquette, good friend of Ambassador Vorob'yev. (C)
Mehta - MEH-tah
doctor, Captain of Betan Security, and a very imaginative psychoanalyst. (SoH)
Metzov, Stanis - MEHT-zawv, STAA-nihs
General commanding Laskowski Base, an old line conservative veteran with a mystery around an event on Komarr. (VG)
Millisor, Luyst - MIH-lih-sohr, LOIST
ghem-Colonel in charge of security on Faz Jahar's genetics project, determined to dispose of the last experimental results. (EoA)
Monreale - mohn-ray-AH leh
Bishop of Montefoglia and Abbot of the Monastery of St. Jerome, an ex-soldier, minor magician and friend to Beneforte. (SR)
Montefoglia - mahn-teh-FOH-lee-yah
Italian Dukedom surrounding a mountain lake. (SR)
Naismith, Cordelia - NAY-smihth, kohr-DEEL-yah
mysterious lady with an eidetic memory and a past she would like to forget. (ALE)
Naismith, Cordelia
Betan Astronomical Survey, captain of the Rene Magritte, and of a strategically key decoy in the Betan Expeditionary Force, incidentally ended the Vordarian Pretendership in rescuing her son, Lady, then Countess Vorkosigan.
Naismith, Elizabeth - eh-LIHZ-uh-behth
Cordelia's mother, replicator repair tech on Beta Colony.
Naru - NAH-roo
ghem-General, commander of Cetagandan Imperial Security and Colonel Benin's commanding officer. (C)
Negri - NEH-gree
captain, head of Imperial Security under Ezar, his competence and loyalty were legendary in his own lifetime.
Nu, Livia - NOO, LIH-vee-uh
cover identity for Commander Cavilo. (VG)
Ochs, Thur - OHKS, THR
miner and forge worker, wishes to apprentice to Master Beneforte (SR)
Ochs, Uri - YOO-ree
Captain of the guard to the Duke of Montefoglia (SR)
Okita - oh-KEE-tah
Sergeant, minion of ghem Colonel Millisor, whom Ellie Quinn caused to vanish without a trace. (EoA)
Orient Station - OH-ree-ehnt STAY-shuhn
Barrayaran Security HQ for Sector IV
Oser - OH-sr
Admiral of the Oseran Mercenaries, looks like a soldier, thinks like an accountant.
Overholt - OH-vr-hohlt
Sergeant, Miles bodyguard and puppeteer on his assignment on Hegen Hub. (VG)
Parnell - pahr-NEHL
Pilot Officer of the decoy vessel captained by Captain Cordelia Naismith. (SoH)
Pelias - PEHL-ee-uhs
Nation on Tau Verde IV warring with Felice. (WA)
Pia - PEE-ah
Lord Castellan to Duke Sandrino of Montefoglia, fascinated by bats and friendly to kobolds, maybe crazy, but not stupid. (SR)
Pico, Tich - PEE-koh, TIHK
son of a muleteer, more prudent than his brother but set on revenge, friend to Thur and Fiametta. (SR)
Pol - POHL
system linking Komarr to the Hegen Hub
Ptarmigan - TAHR-mih-gn
Dendarii Lieutenant noted for aggressive shuttle piloting.
Pym, - PIHM
retired after 20 years of military service, armsman to Count Aral Vorkosigan, accompanied Miles to Silvy Vale.
Quinn, Elli - KWIHN, EH-lee
Commander, Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet, originally from Kline Station.
Quintillan - KWIHN-tihl-aan
Minister of the Interior, promising Barrayaran bureaucrat lost to an untimely accident.
Quistelli - kwis-TEH-lee
Messer steward to Duke Sandrino of Montefoglia. (SR)
Radnov - RAAD-nawv
Barrayaran Lieutenant, Political Officer on the General Vorkraft, thought he saw the opportunity to assassinate Aral Vorkosigan but picked the wrong tool. (SoH)
Rau - RAH_OH
ghem-Captain, minion of ghem-Colonel Millisor. (EoA)
Rene Magritte - reh-NAY mah-GREET
60 person vessel of the Betan Astronomical Survey. (SoH)
Rond, Este - RAWND, EHS-tee
Satrap Governor of Cetagandan territory closest to Barrayar. (C)
Rotha, Victor - ROH-thah, VIHK-tohr
arms dealer, cover identity for Ensign Lord Miles Vorkosigan in Hegen Hub. (VG)
Roylott, Grimesby - RAI-lt, GRAIMS-bee
doctor, murderer in the case recounted in "the Adventure of the Speckled Band". (ALE)
Ruey, Anias - RAY or RUH_EH, uh-NAI-uhs
Dreamweaver, author of the Triad feelie dreams, a struggling artist. (DD)
Ryoval - RAI-uh-vahl
head of House Ryoval, purveyor of flesh, genetic collector and paranoid loner. His father engineered Lily Durona to help him in the custom clone business. (MD)
Sacker, Ormond - SAA-kr, OHR-mnd
aka Orville Sandeman, secretary to Aloysius Garnett (ALE)
Sandrino - saan-DREE-noh
Duke of Montefoglia. (SR)
Sens - SEHNZ
one of the mutineers under Radnov. (SoH)
Setti - SEH-tee
minion of ghem Colonel Millisor. (EoA)
Sevarin - SEH-vah-rihn
large city on Athos, location of the Sevarin Replication Center where Dr. Urquhart works. (EoA)
Siembieda, Ryann - saim-BAI-dah, RAI-uhn
Dendarii tech sergeant, killed on Mahata Solaris by a Cetaganda hit squad trying for Admiral Naismith. Revived on Earth, he wondered what he had done or not done. (BiA)
Silvy Vale - SIHL-vee VAYL
small village in the Dendarii mountains, comparatively backward (MoM)
Sprenger, Jacopo - SPREHNG-r, jah-KOH-poh
studying the black arts to prosecute witches for the church, he took one step too far.(SR)
Stauber, Georish, Baron Fell - STAA_OO-br, JEE_OH-rihsh
half-brother of Ryoval and Bharaputra, and also of Lily Durona, worked his way up in House Fell to head it.
Stuben - STOO-behn
Betan Lieutenant, second in command of the Rene Magritte. (SoH)
Suegar - SOO-gahr
inspired prisoner with a prophetic text on Dagoola IV. (BoI)
Tafas - TAA-fahs
one of the mutineers under Radnov, but was bulldozed into it and seized the opportunity to betray them offered by Cordelia. (SoH)
Tau, Varadar - TAH_OH, VAAR-ah-dahr
bandit leader whose tax collecting accountants were the first counts of Barrayar. (B)
Tau Verde IV - TAH_OH VAYR-dee
location of Felice and Pelias (WA)
Teki - TEH-kee
Kline Station hydroponics specialist and cousin of Ellie Quinn. (EoA)
Teseo - TEH-see-oh
unsatisfactory apprentice to Master Beneforte (SR)
Thorne, Bel - THOHRN, BEHL
officer on the Ariel in the Oseran Mercenaries, Captain of the Ariel in the Dendarii Mercenaries, forced to retire from the Dendarii for his role in Lord Mark's clone rescue raid.
Tung, Ky - TUHNG, KAI
Captain-Owner of the Triumph in the Oseran Mercenaries, Commodore and Chief of Staff in the Dendarii Mercenaries, military history buff, has memorized Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Aral Vorkosigan's Komarr Report.
Ungari - uhng-GAA-ree
Captain, Imperial Security, assigned to make a military evaluation of the Hegen Hub and given Miles as a resource. (VG)
Urquhart, Ethan - R-kwahrt, EE-thn
Chief of Reproductive Biology at Sevarin Replication Center, sent to track down or replace ovarian cultures bought from Jackson's Whole (EoA)
Vaagen - VAH-gn
biochemist, expert in combat medicine, granted a research empire by Cordelia, Lady Vorkosigan, for her own purposes. (B)
Vervain - vr-VAIN
system linking the Hegen Hub to the Cetagandan Empire, attempting to remain neutral vis-a-vis Cetaganda (VG)
Visconti, Elena - vihs-KAWN-tee, ay-LAY-nuh
Escobaran trooper, captured in the early stages of the Barrayaran invasion of Escobar, tortured by Serg and Vorrutyer, rescued to the best of his ability by Bothari.
Vitelli, Niccolo - vih-TEH-lee, nih-KOH-loh
Messer secretary to Ferrante, the new identity of Jacopo Sprenger. (SR)
Vorbarra, Dorca - vohr-BAA-ruh, DOHR-kuh
after an age of chaos, was unifying the counts under his rule when Barrayar was rediscovered by the rest of galactic humanity. Presided over the defeat of the Cetagandans, also called "The Just".
Vorbarra, Ezar - EE-zahr
Emperor of Barrayar, experimented with more centralized government. (SoH)
Vorbarra, Gregor - GREH-gohr
Emperor of Barrayar.
Vorbarra, Serg - SRG
Prince, Ezar's heir; 2 assassination attempts would have convinced a far lesser man than Ezar of Prince Serg's unfitness to rule. (SoH)
Vorbarra, Yuri - YOO-ree
Mad Emperor Yuri, his massacre attempting to kill all of his cousins made him too many enemies (SoH)
Vorbarr Sultana - vohr-BAHR suhl-TAH-nah
capital of Barrayar
Vordarian, Vidal - vohr-DAIR-ee_uhn , vih-DAHL
Commodore, Count, arch conservative and isolationist, had political differences with Aral Vorkosigan, desire for Princess Kareen and felt it was his duty to do something. (B)
Vordrozda - vohr-DROHZH-duh
saw opportunity in his bloodlines, young Emperor Gregor's uncertainty and the extremely odd reports about "Admiral Naismith" out Tau Verde way. (WA)
Vorhalas, Carl - vohr-HAA-lahs, KAHRL
young hot-head killed a man in a drunken duel, executed for it. (B)
count, father of Carl and Evon, conservative, Aral Vorkosigan's enemy of longest standing. (WA)
Vorhalas, Evon - EE-vahn
attempted to assassinate Aral Vorkosigan to revenge his brother, caught and condemned, freed to fight by Vordarian, doomed by Vordarian's failure. (B)
Vorhalas, Rulf - RUHLF
younger brother of Count, admiral in the Escobar Invasion fleet, killed in the invasion. (SoH)
Vorhartung Castle - vohr-HAHR-tuhng
meeting place of the Council of Counts.
Vorinnis - vohr-IHN-ihs
Count, head of the military faction.
Vorkalloner, Aristede - vohr-KAA-ln-r, AA-rihs-TEED
Lieutenant Commander on the General Vorkraft under Aral Vorkosigan, and Commander on Gottyan's vessel in the expedition against Escobar. (SoH)
Vorkosigan, Aral - vohr-KOH-sih-gn, AA-rl
Conqueror of Komarr, architect of the Barrayaran withdrawal from Escobar, Admiral, Regent, Count, Prime Minister, worthy successor to his father.
Vorkosigan, Miles Naismith - MAI_UHLZ NAY-smihth
stunted and deformed by an assassination attempt on his father, wants nothing more than to be a worthy successor to his father. Invented and became Admiral Naismith trying to be of service to something.
Vorkosigan, Piotr Pierre - pee_OH-tr pee_EHR
General, chief architect of both the Barrayaran victory in the First Cetagandan War, and Ezar's succession in Mad Yuri's War, Count, died in bed at 92.
Vorkosigan Surleau - suhr-LOH
lakeside estate of the Vorkosigans.
Vorkosigan Vashnoi - VAASH-noy
old capital of the Vorkosigan District, became a blue-glowing crater in the Cetagandan Wars.
Vorlakial - vohr-LAI-kee-uhl
with Kanzian, a military strategist Aral Vorkosigan rates as superior to himself. Killed under mysterious circumstances.(SoH)
Vorloupulous - vohr-LOO-puh-loos
Count who sought to evade Dorca's law limiting the number of armsmen a count could have. (WA)
Vorob'yev - vohr-OHB-yehv
Ambassador, head of Barrayaran Embassy on Eta Ceta (C)
Vorpatril, Ivan - vohr-PAA-trihl, AI-vn
Miles's second cousin, closest coeval relative and friend since childhood. A dedicated ladies' man.
Vorpatril, Padma - PAHD-mah
the only descendant of Prince Xav besides Aral to survive Yuri's assassination squads. (SoH)
Vorreedi - vohr-REE-dee
Colonel, Chief of Protocol of Barrayaran Embassy on Eta Ceta, also head of Barrayaran Intelligence there (C)
Vorrutyer, Ges - vohr-ROOT-yr, GEHS
comrade, lover to Aral, Admiral Co-Commander with Prince Serg of the Barrayaran fleet invading Escobar, said to be a master of defensive strategy (SoH)
Vorsoisson, Ekaterin - vor-SWAH-sn ee-KAT-er-in
niece of Imperial Auditor, Vorthys (K)
Vortaine - vohr-TAYN
elderly count, Ivan's heir. (WA)
Vortala - vohr-TAA-luh
Ezar's prime minister and Aral's when he is regent.
Vorthalia - vohr-THAH-lee_uh
the Bold, legendary hero of Barrayar.
Vortrifrani - vohr-trih-FRAA-nee
Count, head of the isolationist faction.
Vortugalov - vohr-TOO-gah-lawv
Count, head of the Russian language faction.
Vorvane - vohr-VAIN
Barrayaran lord, Minister for Heavy Industries.
Vorville - vohr-VEE
Count, head of the French language faction.
Vorvolk, Henri - VOHR-vohk, ahn-REE
one of the youngest counts, friend of Gregor, and an official in Accounting watching over expenses.
Yenaro - yeh-NAH-roh
grandson of ghem-General Yenaro last of 5 leaders of the invasion of Barrayar, has ambition to be imperial perfumer. (C)

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