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The Bujold Nexus would not be what it is, with out the assistance of the following people.

Lois McMaster Bujold (
Without whom there would be no such site! Lois has provided significant material for this site.

Melanie Dymond Harper (
Who owns the system on which these pages reside, and also hosts the mailing list. Mel also developed the quotation generator.
Arnold Bailey (
The Webmaster at Baen books, who has provided a link to "The Bujold Nexus" from the Baen web pages. He is also involved with Baen Webscription, eBooks.

Scott Pendergrast (
Of Fictionwise and is providing Lois' older books in eBook format.

Delia White of The Reader's Chair
Provides the option of buying Audio books via the Net, and now The Nexus can get commission!

Amazon Books
Provides Dendarii Books the option of ordering US and UK books via the Net.

Dane McGregor (
Provided the Nexus logo and the original framed index graphic home page.

Bo Johansson (
Revised the graphic homepage, and provided most of the remaining graphics.

John Hardin (
Designed the vorkosigan logo used as the background graphic

Robert Parks
Provided the Chalion background image and the site

Rick Moen (
Wrote the first review specifically for The Bujold Nexus.

Meredith MacArdle
Wrote the first article, not a review, not by me, after a long discussion at Eastercon 97.

Jennifer Hawthorne (
Scanned in the first Baen covers.

Nancy L Barber (
Helped update and otherwise revise the various FAQs, created the chalion style sheet and assisted in graphics manipulation.

Suford Lewis (
Edited Dremweaver's Dilemma and Shards of Honor (both published by NESFA) and provided its pronouciation guide.

Locus (
For providing some biographical and bibliographical information

Robin Murphy (
Who named a robot after Lois

Roelof Goudriaan (
Much foreign language information

Greg Shashkoff ( and Anna Hodosh (
Russian bibliographic info and covers

Joe Monson (
Japanese bibliographic info

And finally those people (too numerous to mention) who have provided feedback, provided bibliographical information, suggested new quotations or T-Shirt/Button logos, and last but not least to you for reading it! If you have contributed to this site and are not acknowledged here, let me know and I'll add your name.

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