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This page contains various tag lines that could be used on a button badge or on a T-shirt. They all have some sort of link to Lois and her work. The originator of the slogan is given, if known. Add your own suggestions via this form, and it may be added.

Lyn Belzer (
Both Dec 99
Welcome to the Cordelia Naismith-Miles Vorkosigan "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time" School of Military Science!

John Lenton (
Button Nov 99
A Vor-Bore Is For Life, Not Just Winterfair
John Lenton (
Button Oct 99
Zap the Cat - The Only Entity Known Able To Keep Up With Miles Vorkosigan (In One Way Or Another)
John Lenton (
Button Oct 99
Ivan Vorpatril - The Original Bystanding Innocent
Virginia Stoll (
Button Sep 99
Money, power, sex...and elephants.
Mike (
Both Aug 99
The first and last battle ground is the mind all else is just maneuvering
Jim Slasher (
Button Jul 99
I'm not short! I'm concentrated!
Nodrog Skrap (
Button Apr 99
Miles Vorkosigan: "Brilliant - nervous - skittish - but he's all right as long as his medications are adjusted properly."
Gordon Parks (
Button Apr 99
Forensic Plumber
Gillian Kent (
T-Shirt Apr 99
Imperial Auditor Lord Miles says..
Fast-penta first and ask questions later!

Gillian Kent (
Both Apr 99
Make nepotism work for you..... be a Vor bore
Elizabeth Olney (
T-Shirt Nov 98
(front) Aim high. You may miss, but at least you won't shoot your foot off. (back: pic of Lieutenant Vorberg on crutches) Or anyone else's!
Ruth (
Both Nov 98
Graduate, Ivan Vorpatril Correspondence Course of Innocent Bystandery
Pablo (
Both Sep 98
Bharaputra Labs - What do you want to clone today?
Richard Boothe, the Mad Librarian (
Button Sep 98
"Fuss... you haven't begun to see fuss yet."
Richard Boothe, the Mad Librarian (
Button Sep 98
"Sneaky little dwarf, I love you!"
Janet Croft (
T-Shirt Jul 98
(Front) "Access to Information Shall Not be Abridged"
(The Betan Constitution, Article One)
(Back) Fight Censorship on Your Planet!

Brandon Poe (
T-Shirt May 98
(Over top of a spiderweb pattern of scars)
Death: Been there, done that
- Miles Naismith Vorkosigan

Liz Broadwell (
Both Apr 98
This is the best show since the bicycle-riding bear came to the Hassadar Fair and spooked the horses.
To be worn or handed out at SF conventions, of course. :-)
Luigi Rosa (
car bumper sticker Mar 98
My other car is the starship Ariel
Ramona Winkelbauer (
Both Nov 97
The DURONA Group: A REAL Family Practice
Walter Zaagman (
Both Oct 97
Support your local Imperial Auditor!
Lord Miles for Emperor!

Ramona Winkelbauer (
T-Shirt Nov 97
Trolling for Galactics (Reverse) Ivan Vorpatril's Next Hobby!
Walter Zaagman (
Both Oct 97
(with picture of Spirit Ring) Sauron's Ring Sucks!
Ray Haney (
T-Shirt Sep 97
Join the Dendarii Free Mercenaries!!! Save the galaxy!! Be wanted on several planets!! Oppurtunity for advancement in ways you never dreamed!
Geoffrey Kidd (
T-Shirt Sep 97
A picture of Sergeant Taura, Dendarii Free Mercenaries!
Work you can sink your teeth into!

Amy Lee Bennett (
Button Aug 97
I'm just a member of the Miles Naismith Fan Club!

Patricia Mathews (
Both Jul 97
Better a Mutie than a Moron!
Diana Hurford (
T-Shirt Jun 97
"Do you consider yourself an innocent bystander?" (and on the back) "God knows I try to be."
Steve Glover (
Both Jun 97
Graduate of the Miles Naismith School of Management (and on the back, if it's a T-shirt,) Forward Momentum!)
Joseph Pinc (
T-Shirt Mar 97
(Miles in full Dendarii Dress Greys pointing outward) Admiral Nasmith wants *YOU* for the Dendarii Free Mercenaries!
Russ and Louann (
"You mean he's like this ALL THE TIME?"
Bill Shapiro (
Button Mar 97
I Am The Man Who Owns Vorkosigan Vashnoi!
Jean Lamb (
(with a stylized DNA molecule somewhere) Property of Bharaputra Laboratories
Elizabeth Celeste (jubilee@grove.ufl.EDU)
Dendarrii Free Mercenaries. (It needs a cute phrase in the back.)
Debra Fran Baker (
Rescues-R-Us, of course.
Adam Ek (
Or add the following, posted for a friend
No job too small, No fee too large, Rescues our specialty.
Elizabeth Celeste (jubilee@grove.ufl.EDU)
My clone went to Beta Colony and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
Rose Adams (
With the companion tee-shirt (for very close friend): I went to Jackson Whole and all I got was this lousy clone!
Steve Salaba (
Bharaputra Laboratories (They were printed on "natural" colored cotton shirts in what I hope are the correct shades of the House Bharaputra colors, brown and pink. Folks can E-mail me for the details.) ie these are ACTUAL T-Shirts rather than the virtual ones elsewhere, and now available at Steve's new Lois McMaster Bujold T-Shirt webpage.
Amy Carpenter (
Bharaputra Laboratories, We bring good things to life!
Adam Ek (
a B5 crossover... The Athosian Psi Corps wants YOU!
Amy Carpenter (
Imperial Military Academy and Recruit-Trainee, Dendarii Mercenaries

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